Souffle aux Bleuets

Tonight I ventured into the kitchen to make a Blueberry Soufflé.  I recently purchased Paris in a Basket by Nicolle Aimee Meyer and Amanda Pilar Smith, so I thought it would be fun to try out a recipe.  Channeling the great women chefs of the world-Julia Child, Ina Garten, and Martha Stewart I began.  The recipe was for a raspberry soufflé, however I didn’t have enough raspberries-not one to panic I opted to make a blueberry soufflé instead.

Step one: Butter and Sugar ramekins and throw into the fridge.  Pre-heat oven to 475.

Second: Place blueberries and sugar over low heat until it becomes a marmalade.

Third: Drain the blueberries…..look at that color!

Fourth:  Create your Roux (butter with flour), then add your blueberry marmalade, and egg yolks.

Fifth: Beat egg whites and sugar until stiff.  Add a third of the mixture to the pan and fold gently.  Then add the remaining portion.  Fill the ramekins and place into the oven for five minutes at 475, then lower the temp. to 400 for 15 to 20 minutes.

Lastly: Viola, sprinkle a little sugar and blueberries for garnish.  Time to eat!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!