Herb garden

Getting ready for the upcoming season I put together a mini garden of three of our favorite herbs; Mint, Rosemary, & Cilantro.  Spring starts in two days but who’s counting!

Love the aroma Mint gives off.  Great for mixing into freshly squeezed lemonades, ice teas, or my husband’s killer Mojito!

Rosemary has a potent evergreen smell.  It’s delicious when added to poultry or potato’s.  Plus it’s helps improve memory-I could always use help in this category!

With a more mellow scent Cilantro is a great garnish and a staple condiment when creating Sofrito-hmm!

To add a little pizzaz to my garden I spray painted the container in a fabulous teal color.   What are your favorite herbs?

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!