The year ahead

Thinking of the year ahead I decided to take a different approach than my normal verbal goal setting. After reading Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain last year I vowed to give her technique a try.  I’m a visual/hands on person, so it’s an ideal way for me to look back and stay on track.  With that said I created a visual/mind map plan.

Please note this is a peak into the preliminary stages of my visual map, phase 1.  To start I wrote down main topics I’m interested in.  Then added key components to each topic.  From here I will develop each component with specific things I need to do or get to achieve these requests.  This will be an on going process but one that I”m excited to see the outcome of.

An example of developing a component will look like:

Travel:  Europe (things to consider)

  • Getting passports
  • Finding a place to stay during the summer.  Anywhere between four to six weeks.
  • How to pay for both the trip and expenses
  • The itinerary

I know some of this may be a little ambition, specifically the Fun/New stuff, but as my mentor Eileen says: Put it out into the universe for the energy to travel and be heard.  It’s out there now!

Has anyone tried this before?  Any feedback?  If not, give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!