Thank you!

Happy New Year!  Seizing the moment to say Thank you!  Thanks for reading my posts and being part of my 2012 journey as a new blogger.  Grateful to all the friendships, opportunities, and experiences that inspired me throughout the year.  Cheers and wishing you all a 2013 filled with much love, health, and prosperity.

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As we embark on 2013, it’s time to say goodbye, au revoir, arrivederci.  I hope our paths will meet again.  Until the next time, Cheers!



Window treatments anyone can try!

Our back porch needed much TLC when it came to window treatments, especially since it was bare-Zelch, Zero, NOTHING.  After a little research and youtube-I was inspired and up for the challenge.

 Things you’ll need to get started:

Fabric, measuring tape, wood cut to your specified dimensions, scissors, seamstress ruler, 5/8″ fusible iron on tape, iron, staple gun, glue gun, L brackets, drill and grosgrain ribbon for that punch of color.

With NO SEWING involve this project came together with little time and effort.   Here’s a sample of two different one’s created:

For this first one, I mounted the fabric on the board, stapling the sides first.  I wanted a pleated look in the center so I played around with the fabric to give the illusion, ironed the form, and stapled away.  To really bring out that detail and make the window treatment pop I reached for an orange grosgrain ribbon.

One window is slightly different from the rest, so treated it with a swag balloon look instead.  I started by stapling my sides first, since the window is not as wide as the rest it only allowed for one balloon so I calculated accordingly.

Overall it was fun to create and especially rewarding being able to sit back and enjoy the room now.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing.

Herb garden

Getting ready for the upcoming season I put together a mini garden of three of our favorite herbs; Mint, Rosemary, & Cilantro.  Spring starts in two days but who’s counting!

Love the aroma Mint gives off.  Great for mixing into freshly squeezed lemonades, ice teas, or my husband’s killer Mojito!

Rosemary has a potent evergreen smell.  It’s delicious when added to poultry or potato’s.  Plus it’s helps improve memory-I could always use help in this category!

With a more mellow scent Cilantro is a great garnish and a staple condiment when creating Sofrito-hmm!

To add a little pizzaz to my garden I spray painted the container in a fabulous teal color.   What are your favorite herbs?

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Celebrate all accomplishments!

Last night I was in great company celebrating a special friend, Barbara.  She recently purchased her first home, so a group of friends and family came together to rejoice her and her accomplishment.  There is no one else quite like her-I admire her witty attitude, up front approach, and honesty.

Barbara-Thank you for your friendship.  So proud of YOU-love ya!

Take this opportunity to say Thank You to a special someone who has touched your life.  Don’t forget to celebrate all accomplishments in life…….nothing is too small or too big!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Giving in to prescribed medication!

Last night I gave in.  After a long week of nasal congestion, coughing, stuffiness, and fatigue I finally decided to see my  Doctor.  I try to nurse myself back to health with home remedies of: homemade chicken soup, consumption of lots of liquids, naps-unfortunately nothing worked!  So, when all else fails I’m in despair to get squeezed in for an appointment with the Doctor.  Now I’m stuck with the following labels for a couple of days but feel good knowing I’m on my way to a full recovery!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Souffle aux Bleuets

Tonight I ventured into the kitchen to make a Blueberry Soufflé.  I recently purchased Paris in a Basket by Nicolle Aimee Meyer and Amanda Pilar Smith, so I thought it would be fun to try out a recipe.  Channeling the great women chefs of the world-Julia Child, Ina Garten, and Martha Stewart I began.  The recipe was for a raspberry soufflé, however I didn’t have enough raspberries-not one to panic I opted to make a blueberry soufflé instead.

Step one: Butter and Sugar ramekins and throw into the fridge.  Pre-heat oven to 475.

Second: Place blueberries and sugar over low heat until it becomes a marmalade.

Third: Drain the blueberries…..look at that color!

Fourth:  Create your Roux (butter with flour), then add your blueberry marmalade, and egg yolks.

Fifth: Beat egg whites and sugar until stiff.  Add a third of the mixture to the pan and fold gently.  Then add the remaining portion.  Fill the ramekins and place into the oven for five minutes at 475, then lower the temp. to 400 for 15 to 20 minutes.

Lastly: Viola, sprinkle a little sugar and blueberries for garnish.  Time to eat!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Magazines I gravitate to!

Me time!  I love going to my local Barnes & Nobles to browse the latest magazines on interior design, fashion, and products.  It’s no surprise how much these three realms speak and influence each other.  Some of my favorite magazines are: Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Veranda, Belle-Australia…..just to name a few, the list goes on. I can easily sit for hours glancing through magazines.  The icing on the cake is the accompaniment of a single shot of espresso-heavenly!

What magazine do you gravitate to?

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Goodbye for now, see you in another 11 months!

The time has come to put away all of our holiday decor.  I started on Saturday but came to a complete hault-maybe I couldn’t come to terms with the whole holiday thing as being done …….can I ask for an extension?  It’s definitely sad to see it come down…..but I’m grateful for the new and special traditions we started this past holiday season!

Tonight’s mission is packing up as much holiday decor for storage… to get back to work till tomorrow!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!