Personalizing your desk area!

If I heard it once I heard it a million times: A clutter-free zone allows you to focus on the important things!  And that’s the TRUTH!  Keeping this phrase in mind, I created a desk area in my living room that is simple, inspiring, and a reflection of me!   In design there’s always a starting point, whether it’s a fabric, paint color, a piece of furniture, or in my case artwork.

During my last trip to Florida I experienced my first auction, it was a lot of fun.  That’s where I came accross this vibrant artwork, as soon as I saw it-I knew I had to have it!  I kept reassuring my husband that I had a vision and it would be FABULOUS…..thank God he understands and is so patient with me!

I kept the desk and the accessories simple, surrounding myself with key things that make me happy; books, flowers, and souvenirs.  I recently came across They’re Souvenirs, Not Stuff! in the NYTimes.  A great article that talks about how souvenirs have a story; reminding us of places, people, and experiences.  Two of my favorite souvenirs are the petit Eiffel Tower I purchased during my stay in Paris and the hand crafted wooden box my husband picked up for me during our honeymoon.

What souvenir/s do you treasure the most?

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!



Window treatments anyone can try!

Our back porch needed much TLC when it came to window treatments, especially since it was bare-Zelch, Zero, NOTHING.  After a little research and youtube-I was inspired and up for the challenge.

 Things you’ll need to get started:

Fabric, measuring tape, wood cut to your specified dimensions, scissors, seamstress ruler, 5/8″ fusible iron on tape, iron, staple gun, glue gun, L brackets, drill and grosgrain ribbon for that punch of color.

With NO SEWING involve this project came together with little time and effort.   Here’s a sample of two different one’s created:

For this first one, I mounted the fabric on the board, stapling the sides first.  I wanted a pleated look in the center so I played around with the fabric to give the illusion, ironed the form, and stapled away.  To really bring out that detail and make the window treatment pop I reached for an orange grosgrain ribbon.

One window is slightly different from the rest, so treated it with a swag balloon look instead.  I started by stapling my sides first, since the window is not as wide as the rest it only allowed for one balloon so I calculated accordingly.

Overall it was fun to create and especially rewarding being able to sit back and enjoy the room now.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing.

Sprucing up the front porch

To kick off the Summer season with color I thought it would be fun to spruce up the front porch.  Color blocking is everywhere so why not incorporate it into your design.  My inspiration was sparked by the image below-loving the navy, teal, and chartreuse combo……it got my creative juices going!


Tired of our traditional looking wicker furniture I spray painted it navy.  You’ll need two cans per chair, if you have a settee I would recommend at least three if not four.


Next, you’ll need cushions…..while at Target I pick these fun teal cushions.


While accessory shopping at Crate & Barrel, I fell in love with the Marimekko Planet Kivet Blue 20″ x 13″ Outdoor Pillow.   Bonus-currently on SALE!

  I couldn’t resist these colorful side tables at C&B-also on SALE!


In the end it was so much fun mix and matching!  Here’s a glimpse of the final product-what do you think?

Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Julius Shulman’s view!

I enjoy looking through photos as it stirs up memories, inspiration, and imagination. The NYTimes recently published On the Trail of a Master Photographer in Los Angeles, a story behind the talented architectural photographer Julius Shulman. Who captured modern day living of the 20th Century, forever immortalizing the works of ingenuous Architects; Frank Lloyd Wright, Pierre Koenig, Richard Neutra, Rudolph Schindler and many others.  The article features homes open to the public, a trail I plan to see when in California!


Eric Bricker directed Visual Acoustics a film on Mr. Shulman’s extraordinary career.   It brilliantly snapshots the life and work of the photographer.  He produced many iconic images, here are two of my favorites: above Case House Study #22 and below the rotunda at the Guggenheim museum.


A quote by Mr. Shulman that I love is: “Architecture affects everybody, from a hospital where you were born, to the schools, grocery stores, library, threatres-every part of a persons life is based upon an Architects presence”.

Which images of Julius Shulman do you love?

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Beautiful Designs

Lincoln Center hosted NYC20 this past weekend.  The event showcased 20th Century designs from a handful of top 1st Dibs antique dealers.  I love seeing these unique pieces first hand and learning about their talented creators.  Here are some of my favorite:

1. John Paul Philippe | 2. Downtown-Arturo Pani | 3. Vojtech Blau-Sonia Delaunay | 4. Christopher Anthony LTD.-Charles Hollis Jones | 5. Lost City Arts | 6. Palumbo Anderssen-Tommi Parzinger | 7. Le Lampade-Arredoluce.

Which piece can’t you live without?

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Sustainable products

Today I found myself amidst three companies that truly keep in mind the Earth’s footprint with focuses on; sustainability, forward thinking, and the pursuit of functional simplicity.

Carnegie Fabrics offers an array of commercial grade fabrics, wallcovering, and panels that are innovative in design and yet very much appealing to the eye!

Humanscale is all about the work environment.  Manufacturing chairs, lighting, and other components that enhance comfort in the work place.

Interface Flor covers your flooring needs.  With an endless amount of designs to choose from their modular carpet tiles are good for the planet too.  Focusing on zero emissions, zero waste, and zero oil.

A huge thank you to Caroline at Carnegie Fabrics, Faith at Humanscale, Kimberly at Interface Flor, Norm, everyone that attended, and lastly Dana for organizing an insightful event!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

First class of the year

This weekend I enjoyed collaborating with a Kitchen professional and classmates over a two day period on Kitchen design. Fascinated in the development of space planning, I value the perspectives and insights industry professionals have to offer.  Like artist, designers start with a blank canvas surrounded by walls.  As the creative juices start flowing pieces get plugged-in.  Below you’ll find a rough sketch-not to scale of our brainstorming ideas.  Many details to consider!

Don’t forget to think about the following:



-Elements of surprise; the mix of aesthetics-traditional with new.

-Will the final design match the exterior of the home?

-For resale purposes make sure the design complements the rest of the home.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Sketching some ideas

Romanced with the idea of a center anchor in a living room, I researched the perfect large wooden table that suites the look I am after.  Ideally not in the traditional manner but instead something with a modern twist.  After nothing intrigued my eye,  I decided to sketch up a couple of samples I envisioned.

My specifications are:

36″ round top

30″ overall height

2.5″ table top rim

Finishing options; stain, veneer, or painted

Here’s my preliminary drawing-

Which one do you like the profile of-1,2, or 3?

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Distinctive view point!

My first glimpsed of true interior design was back in 2009 at the Kip’s Bay Designer Show House in NYC.  Walking through the space I was in awe of the vast perspectives each designer presented.  So much talent under one roof.  The experience exposed me to the work’s of top notch designers; Bunny Williams, Jamie Drake, Charles Parvarini, Eileen Kathryn Boyd, and many others.

Like anything else in life there is a precise complexity to design.  A harmonious balance of scale, proportion, color, rhythm, and individuality!  Each designer lures us in with their own distinctive view point that makes them irresistible.

In my journey to learn and craft my own look, I purchased Bunny Williams’ Point of View a couple of years back.  A beautifully crafted book on design.  Below are some of my favorite images from the book.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

All for A-Symmetry

When redesigning my dining room, I was eager to play with symmetry.  Inspired by projects at work, I scoured the internet for ideas.  I was quickly drawn to A-Symmetry.  The unbalance, not mirrored, nor perfectly align effect.  Yet there is a science of proportion and rhythm that is necessary.

Proportion: Size should relate from left to right.  One isn’t to overpower the other.

Rhythm: The color blue is the joining link in all three works.

When devising a symmetrical effect you expect to see the same thing, this avenue allowed me to mix the old with the new.

What symmetry do you prefer?

Give this a try, you may just love it.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!