Personalizing your desk area!

If I heard it once I heard it a million times: A clutter-free zone allows you to focus on the important things!  And that’s the TRUTH!  Keeping this phrase in mind, I created a desk area in my living room that is simple, inspiring, and a reflection of me!   In design there’s always a starting point, whether it’s a fabric, paint color, a piece of furniture, or in my case artwork.

During my last trip to Florida I experienced my first auction, it was a lot of fun.  That’s where I came accross this vibrant artwork, as soon as I saw it-I knew I had to have it!  I kept reassuring my husband that I had a vision and it would be FABULOUS…..thank God he understands and is so patient with me!

I kept the desk and the accessories simple, surrounding myself with key things that make me happy; books, flowers, and souvenirs.  I recently came across They’re Souvenirs, Not Stuff! in the NYTimes.  A great article that talks about how souvenirs have a story; reminding us of places, people, and experiences.  Two of my favorite souvenirs are the petit Eiffel Tower I purchased during my stay in Paris and the hand crafted wooden box my husband picked up for me during our honeymoon.

What souvenir/s do you treasure the most?

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!