Window treatments anyone can try!

Our back porch needed much TLC when it came to window treatments, especially since it was bare-Zelch, Zero, NOTHING.  After a little research and youtube-I was inspired and up for the challenge.

 Things you’ll need to get started:

Fabric, measuring tape, wood cut to your specified dimensions, scissors, seamstress ruler, 5/8″ fusible iron on tape, iron, staple gun, glue gun, L brackets, drill and grosgrain ribbon for that punch of color.

With NO SEWING involve this project came together with little time and effort.   Here’s a sample of two different one’s created:

For this first one, I mounted the fabric on the board, stapling the sides first.  I wanted a pleated look in the center so I played around with the fabric to give the illusion, ironed the form, and stapled away.  To really bring out that detail and make the window treatment pop I reached for an orange grosgrain ribbon.

One window is slightly different from the rest, so treated it with a swag balloon look instead.  I started by stapling my sides first, since the window is not as wide as the rest it only allowed for one balloon so I calculated accordingly.

Overall it was fun to create and especially rewarding being able to sit back and enjoy the room now.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing.


Back from my HIATUS!

Reflecting on the quote “it is important from time to time to slow down, to go away by yourself, and simply BE” by Eileen Caddy, thank you Tia Sole for posting this on FB.  I am always on the go, whether it’s physically, mentally, or both.  So when I stumble on something that states ‘slow down’, I try to listen.  Looking back at my long hiatus from blogging (56 days-but who’s counting) my personal life was non-stop.  In preparation for my parent’s arrival the last couple of weeks have been spent creating, designing, and experimenting with things around the house.  Upcoming posts will dabble in some of the projects I worked on.

For now I leave you with a picture of my niece, Arielle, the cutest thing ever and the princess of the family!  My parents came to town to celebrate my lovely niece’s 1st Birthday, it was great having them home.  I savored every minute with them which I am truly thankful for.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!