Herb garden

Getting ready for the upcoming season I put together a mini garden of three of our favorite herbs; Mint, Rosemary, & Cilantro.  Spring starts in two days but who’s counting!

Love the aroma Mint gives off.  Great for mixing into freshly squeezed lemonades, ice teas, or my husband’s killer Mojito!

Rosemary has a potent evergreen smell.  It’s delicious when added to poultry or potato’s.  Plus it’s helps improve memory-I could always use help in this category!

With a more mellow scent Cilantro is a great garnish and a staple condiment when creating Sofrito-hmm!

To add a little pizzaz to my garden I spray painted the container in a fabulous teal color.   What are your favorite herbs?

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Sustainable products

Today I found myself amidst three companies that truly keep in mind the Earth’s footprint with focuses on; sustainability, forward thinking, and the pursuit of functional simplicity.

Carnegie Fabrics offers an array of commercial grade fabrics, wallcovering, and panels that are innovative in design and yet very much appealing to the eye!

Humanscale is all about the work environment.  Manufacturing chairs, lighting, and other components that enhance comfort in the work place.

Interface Flor covers your flooring needs.  With an endless amount of designs to choose from their modular carpet tiles are good for the planet too.  Focusing on zero emissions, zero waste, and zero oil.

A huge thank you to Caroline at Carnegie Fabrics, Faith at Humanscale, Kimberly at Interface Flor, Norm, everyone that attended, and lastly Dana for organizing an insightful event!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!


Over the weekend I couldn’t help but fall in love with the array of orchids on display at my local emporium.  So many options I decided to treat myself to two.

These Phalaenopsis orchids are the commonly sold variety, it offers about 60 species.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

Such a great investment with low maintenance, here’s why:

-Water them every 7 to 10 days.

-Keep them away from direct sunlight.

-Can bloom for a couple of months!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!