Fruits & veggies are taking over!

I know my parents never thought they would see the day I would have an abundance of fruits as a dining room centerpiece.  As a huge fan of bacon and other not so healthy options, it has been a transformation of sorts.  Don’t get me wrong, I still eat all that but more in moderation today than a while back.

Yes, fruits & veggies now rule the real estate on our table, in the kitchen, and fridge too!  Prior to juicing, less then four weeks ago, the table showcased the usual; a vase paired with candlestick holders.

Pleased with how fruits & veggies continue to reboot my body, my new habit is to juice at least once a day.

Key benefits thus far:

-No headaches

-No cravings for a shot of espresso, not an ounce of added caffeine required!

-I do crave fulling meals that are NOT processed and pumped with artificial stuff.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

If you want to learn how I stumbled upon juicing click here.

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