All for A-Symmetry

When redesigning my dining room, I was eager to play with symmetry.  Inspired by projects at work, I scoured the internet for ideas.  I was quickly drawn to A-Symmetry.  The unbalance, not mirrored, nor perfectly align effect.  Yet there is a science of proportion and rhythm that is necessary.

Proportion: Size should relate from left to right.  One isn’t to overpower the other.

Rhythm: The color blue is the joining link in all three works.

When devising a symmetrical effect you expect to see the same thing, this avenue allowed me to mix the old with the new.

What symmetry do you prefer?

Give this a try, you may just love it.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!


One thought on “All for A-Symmetry

  1. I’m a huge fan of symmetry, but I always effort of it in the conventional sense. I like this take on it though…the proportion and rhythm aspect are interesting components that still look nice

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