One week down-51 more to go and feeling great!

Made it through my first week!  Feeling empowered by my actions, I look forward to a great 2012.  Time for reflection.

Here’s a list of key points I’ve learned this week:

Igniting my Creativity-Thinking out of the box to present topics through my perspective.  Creating images that reflect my topic of discussion and vice versa. Learning to set up photo-shoots…..for clear crisp shots it’s all about control lighting!

Aware and Focus-Grateful for the visual catalog this project will develop. Love being aware of: the moment, and the discipline of the project.  Easy to reflect on my accomplishments thus far and on the ones that will get done!

Reaping the Benefits-The connections, all aspects from existing friends, to new ones, to international ones-the lengths the internet connects you are endless!  Thank you!

Found a great article in today’s NYTimes-Be It Resolved.  Talks about will power, New Year resolutions, and some helpful hints to staying on track!

Now to enjoy my lunch.  A tout a l’heure!

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!


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